The Matt Ward Exploring On Association is a nonprofit association started by his adoring mother, devoted stepfather, dear family, and close friends as a way to honor Matt and carry on his legacy. Matt was an Explorer Advisor and exceptional role model to the many youth he advised as well as the countless others he extended his mentorship to during his lifetime.


Matt was tragically killed in a car accident Oct 8, 2017 on his way to a Cub Scout event with his 5-year-old son Liam.  Liam was rescued by a Good Samaritan and escaped the accident nearly physically unscathed, but at the deep loss of his most significant role model.


The Mission of the Matt Ward Exploring On Association is to assist underprivileged young men and women in the Explorer Program with related costs and expenses. No Explorer left behind!


Matt loved being an Advisor and felt very strongly about the value of the program experience and the impact it has on a young person’s life.  Matt saw tremendous potential in the young men and women he advised, their own potential to positively impact their communities, and the significance that mentorship can have on an underprivileged young person.


We all know the importance of quality police officers in our communities and in the criminal justice system; this program, when given the opportunity, can be vital in this process of creating strong, morally thoughtful, socially responsible, and committed new officers from all facets of life, to serve in such a capacity.