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Donations and Gifts

Help support The Matt Ward Exploring On Association

Monetary donations may be made through this page using the donate button below or if you prefer, mail your check to:

The Matt Ward Exploring On Association

5318 E. 2nd St # 684
Long Beach, CA 90803

Contributions to the Matt Ward Exploring On Association, Inc. are tax exempt to the full extent allowed by law. Donations are distributed based on applications submitted by the Explorer Posts and approved by the Board of Directors.

Help us celebrate our First Responders with these new print masks.  

Order your First Responder Masks with or without the drinking holes here in the blue box.


Here are the mask styles.  You can order them with or without straw holes.


Select your items one at a time and add to cart.  From the cart screen, you can adjust quantities, continue shopping or checkout.


Drinking Masks


Facemasks (no straw hole)


We also have T-Shirts for a $20 donation.